New Trends in Online Learning ~ Stephen Downes

Online learning, new media, connectivism, MOOCs, personal learning environments, new literacy, and more from Stephen Downes

Source: New Trends in Online Learning ~ Stephen Downes

Especially note:

Slide 17:
Collaboration is working together for an agreed-upon objective
Cooperation is sharing freely with no expectation of direct reciprocation

Slides 24f:
Learning is: Context-sensitive, engaging, personal.
“The airplane cockpit is no place for a two week course.”
27: Learning is personal not personalized.
Personalized is about what instructor does for student and defines an ideal state and starts with content > practice with a test at the end.
Personal is about what learner does for one’s self and defines a desired state and starts with practice > content with application at the end.

Slide 31: Learning Outcomes
“Learning a discipline is a total state and not a collection of specific states”
It is expressed functionally (can you perform as a pastor) rather than cognitively (can you state facts related to ministry of do pastoral tasks)


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