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Philosopy Attack Ads

April 8, 2008

Okay, these are pretty good.

I’m going with Kierkegaard in ’08!



April 7, 2008

It won’t include every movie you’ve liked, but WingClips is a great way to find video clips related to particular themes. According to the site:

You can view inspirational movie clips from many of your favorite films. These WingClips™ can also be downloaded to use in your church, school or other non-profit organization for FREE.

How to create a great PowerPoint without breaking the law

April 4, 2008

How to create a great PowerPoint without breaking the law” is actually an excellent video dealing with PowerPoint and copyright. It does run 45 minutes, but it’s a fast watch…

In addition to showing good PowerPoint practices and how to achieve certain effects in PowerPoint, he also deals with ways of obtaining copyright-clear pictures. He references the following sites:

  • flickercc allows you to search for tagged flickr photos that are editable and/or free for commercial use
  • FlickrLeech allows you to search for flickr photos using a number of categories
  • Behold allows you to search for flickr photos that are free to use and/or editable and/or able to use commerically

He also refers to this Disney parody video that depicts legal copyright usage: “A Fair(y) Use Tale

The Hermeneutics Quiz

April 4, 2008

Scot McKnight posted this Hermeneutics Quiz. It will return results showing where one is on the conservative > progressive scale with respect to biblical interpretation. As McKnight notes, the final label is probably not that helpful, but it is a good tool to get people thinking about hermeneutical matters.

Instant Conversion and other Mindgames

April 2, 2008

Follow the links on this post by Stephen Downes and note what he says about using mindgames in education. A bit scarier are the links to the Derren Brown videos where he demonstrates how to cause “instant conversions,” converting non-believers into believers in God.

Part 2

Read the notes to see how it works or check this video:

Experimental Use of Blog-Based Peer Review Gives Mixed Results

April 2, 2008

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:  Experimental Use of Blog-Based Peer Review Gives Mixed Results

Interesting… The process described is similar to what I’ve been thinking about doing with my gettysburgpress site.