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Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching and Learning

March 31, 2008

One of the web sites to which I subscribe is the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies by Jane Hart. She has accumulated an outstanding list of tools and resources which have been nominated by “learning professionals.” (HERE is the top 10 list I submitted.) There is a very helpful E-Learning Handbook, and she has just released “25 TOOLS: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME.” You need a free registration to get into the program(me), but what makes it particularly valuable is that it deals with free tools and gives practical tasks for learning how to use them. Highly recommended.



March 30, 2008

Personally, I am not sure that I want to share everything I’m doing all the time, and I don’t have time to keep track of what everyone else is doing. Twitter is a service that allows you to do just this and keep track of everyone via web, email, blog, or cell phone. Here’s the quick explanation:

A couple more useful tools

March 24, 2008

As noted on Jane’s, htm2pdf is a fast and easy and free way to convert HTM pages to PDFs. It can even keep links enabled.

Still in beta, but SlideRocket looks like a great presentation tool alternative. As described on the site:

SlideRocket is a web application that provides everything you need to design professional quality presentations, manage and share libraries of slides and assets, and to deliver presentations in person or remotely over the web.

Educational Widgets!

March 19, 2008

Lots of widgets useful for educational collated here. What’s a widget? It’s a small device that can provide different types of information, games, updates, etc. For example, here is one that randomly provides one of Luther’s 95 Theses.

And while you are at check out this:More than 100 Free Places to Learn Online – and Counting

Mnemograph for creating timelines

March 19, 2008

As noted on this blog, Mnemograph is:

a web-based timeline software application for creating, collaborating on, and sharing history and planning diagrams

Still in beta, but I can see it being used for creating any number of biblical timelines. I like the ability to zoom in and see more details or zoom out to get the big picture. It also works well as a web tool providing the ability to add pictures, link to web sites, etc.


March 12, 2008

Flypaper looks to be an interesting site for easily creating Flash ‘stories.’ Free too!

More educator stuff

March 4, 2008

The Wiki Way: Improving Your Class Notes Using the Internet for Online Student Collaboration by Carl N. Toney – Helpful article from the SBL site

 Ancient Languages are Still Around, But Do We Really Know How to Teach Them? by Rahel Halabe РAlso from the SBL site

Remember Father Guido Sarducci? How might his Five Minute University apply to seminary education?

The Vision of ORE by Dan Cohen –¬† I think this will become significant for the humanities in general. The issue is the future of online publications where we should be thinking in terms of aggregates. I.e., when we publish an article, it is more than just the words we write, but it is also the links to the other data we incorporate. Zotero is mentioned as a good start in this respect.

Easy flash tools for educators

March 1, 2008 provides easy to create flash games and other learning resources. Here is a quick Greek Vocabulary quiz I created:

Click here for full screen version